Just Five Minutes

June 5, 2015

Along with 99 artists I have just produced a canvas to be sold at auction to raise a target figure of £5000 of much needed funds for a very deserving cause.

Having spent approximately 5 hours on my “masterpiece”, a thought occurred that if all of the other 99 contributors spent the same amount of time on their canvasses, then the total time spend would amount to 500 hours – in other words almost 21 days.

Soon after delivering my picture to the very grateful charity I stumbled across an article in one of advertisings trade mags titled, “The World’s Most Expensive TV Commercial”. It was for Chanel No.5 and the cost was an astounding £18 million and employed the talents of director Baz Luhrmann (Strictly Ballroom, Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge fame) and Nicole Kidman (who banked £2 million of the budget) the costumes were designed by Karl Lagerfeld…of course.

All that money just to keep an outdated fragrance afloat seemed insane compared to a charity’s request to improve the lives of certain people suffering adverse conditions.

So, this led me to think – if ad agencies together with their clients and production companies were to donate, not five hours but just 5 minutes for every day’s filming of the production budget per commercial to charity there would be a lot of charities empowered to do a lot of good. And as far as Chanel is concerned the cost to them would be just a drop in their vast ocean of scent.